Huyu atashika adabu! After 10 years in marriage, Babu Tale, Diamond Platnumz’s manager thought it would be better for him to go after young and vibrant lasses, by that i mean he was cheating on his long time wife.

In a recent social media post, Diamond’s manager put a picture of himself and his wife which he would follow it with the words;

“Utajiri mzuri wa familia nafsi zikiwa zenye furaha.’

I must agree the picture he put looked like the two were head over heels in love but that was not the case. Few minutes after the post, his wife would comment citing how Tale was cheating on her with younger lasses which the lad would later delete. He must be fearing for his reputation, I mean, it takes courage for a wife to tell the whole world that her celebrity husband is a cheat!

“mtu yeyote mwenye hisia za kimapenzi na huyu mwanaume upo huru kumfuata, maana akiharibu anakimbilia instagram kujitakasa, hana lolote, umaarufu unakulevya, fanya maamuzi ya kiume”

After the post by his wife, it seems that Babu Tale has been bedding with lasses for long and now his wife is fed up with his melodramatic life, unlike his client Diamond Platnumz, Tale’s dirty linen was exposed to the  public by his very own wife. Lets hope amepata adabu!