Huyu hataki commitment! It seems Huddah was right calling Zari’s celebrity husband Diamond Platnuzm “Pizza” that can be ordered anytime. Why am i saying this, you ask?

Diamond Platnuzm has many tattoos but for your information, his socialite wife Zari Hassan and kids are not tattooed  in his dramatic body.

So who then is kept permanent in this bongo flava’s artiste’s body? Thanks for asking, the lad walks around with the name Sandra, a name that he says is his mother’s. His mother must have alot of names. First of all, she calls herself Kendrah Michael in her social media pages. Mpasho has however found out that her real name is Sanura Sandra Kassim. Only she can say where the name Kendrah Michael came from but one thing for sure, her name is written in Chinese on Diamond’s left hand.“Bro Mimi sikufichi  hii tattoo yangu ilikuanga ya kwanza nilijipaka ushamba…haikua na maana nilitamani niwe na tattoo nikamwabia anichore kichina…nichafue…”

Diamond continues to say;“Hapa kuna tattoo nyingine ya guitar imeandikwa Platnumz…Kwa kushoto hii imeandikwa Sandra…Hapa imeandikwa I Believe in God”

Diamond Platnumz

He goes ahead to say that he does not have a tattoo of his socialite come-we-stay wife Zari Hassan. You must be wondering why come-we-stay? According to Zari, the two are not officially married and are set to pay for the dowry mid this year. Back to our main topic, Diamond would then respond to why he had not even tattooed his daughter Princess Tiffah.“Nikiwa na watoto kumi si nitakua kama gazeti!”

And that is part of the crazy celebrity life of Diamond Platnuzm.