Movie ya Rambo Kando, this one will need you to have some popcorns to digest the unveiling juicy secrets about Diamond Platnumz and his heart throb music.

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has for the longest time been linked with black magic in his businesses especially his music. Diamond has always denied these claims.

Recently, when the Utanipenda hit star was signing a big deal with a Ketchup company in his office, fans were so observant that they even noticed a golden model of human skull. Well, fans went on to speculate that the singer might either be a Freemason or using black magic.

Weeks after he denied the claims, a popular Tanzanian Bishop, Josephat Gwajima of Ufufuo na Uzima Ministries has come out confirming the rumours.

The pastor threatened to reduce Diamond to water over a song dubbed Acha Nikae Kimya that the singer alluded to unconfirmed fact that the man of God was in a vicious fight with the regional commissioner of Dar Es Salaam, Paul Makhonda over a beauty called “Malkia Wa Umbea”.

The pastor went ahead to say that he was going to hold prayers live on YouTube for the singer, something that has scared Diamond to a point of apologizing to the pastor.