So Diamond Platnumz does not have just two children as he claims. In the past few months we have heard stories claiming that the Tanzanian singer has sired a few children with different women and apparently one girl (yes girl) terminated his child to reasons best to the two.

About Hamisa Mobetto’s pregnancy, that I cannot confirm since he already denied the story. But as usual when the child is here, we will find out!

Anyway, back in 2013 he released a song dubbed ‘Nitarejea’ but what we didn’t know is that he was dating the video vixen in that particular song.

In an interview with ‘Ubuyu exclusive’ the video vixen talked about their relationship and confirmed that Diamond Platnumz (Naseebu) knew about the baby girl and went on to say that mama Dangote actually brought clothes among other things for the baby – but now that he is famous, the singer has refused to recognize his child and has not been helping her either.

However, Diamond has not said anything about this but below is the video the video courtesy of Celeb Chronicles.