The Rolls Royce artist from East Africa has been making great strides in his music career. He seems to be doing well in the corporate world as well after launching a very classy perfume.

One of the most celebrated celebrities in Africa, Diamond Platinumz, is looking set to unleash a new perfume into the East African market.


The fragrance, dubbed ‘Chibu: The Scent You Deserve’ was flaunted by the East African superstar on his Instagram page in his latest video post.

Although just recently publicizing it, it seems the perfume has been in the works for years now, and it is finally ready to hit the market.


“It took me years to make the whole world to be in a small Bottle.” He was quoted by SDE.

The 100 ml perfume is enclosed in a sleek black box labelled Chibu’ logo in gold and from the looks of things, it is bound to be a very costly one

The perfume already has a dedicated Instagram account with over 1000 followers.