Zaris Ex, ivan SSemwanga has been unwell, seriously sick for sometime after he suffered a heart attack. It Has been too hard for Zari, taken that they are both parents to their three sons.

Though he is her Ex, it has not been easy for her after he go so sick and admitted in ICU. Zari has been posting on her social media about his condition several times asking her fans to pray for him.

People were surprised that she was too concerned about her baby daddy, what was Diamonds reaction to her concern? Maybe they were asking it’s like he read their thoughts and he responded in a way no one expected.

Though their marriage has been rocky and sometimes mother in-law is said to be interfering with their marriage and Diamond rumoured to have lots Of Mipango ya Kando, they seem to be coping well each day.

Diamond from his response seemed to be trusting his wife Zari and he is sure of their love for each other. Though Zari Is Older than him, they seem to be working their marriage just fine.

We go back to people, they wanted to hear Diamonds reaction to his now wife seeing her Ex Who is Seriously sick,

This here is diamonds reaction;

I’ve never had Ivan’s number. I met him when I went to MTV two years ago. Ivan was in pain and his health was very serious. Zari is a fellow parent and she has every right to go see him. I was the first person to call him to know how he’s fairing on.”

There you are, no hard feelings for a sick man but he wishes him all the best.