As Diamond And Zari are slay queen and king, and want their Kids to follow in their footsteps. But as parents the advise we give to our children should reflect the future we desire for our children.

Diamond and Zari have been going to and fro with their unending drama in their relationship.

Mara, Diamond is cheating on Zari, ooh Zaris son is not diamonds. And i wonder that even the parents advise to their young kids is just a joke. They tell them to grow up to be things you have never imagined.

They desire them to go through what they are going through, social media drama queens and drama kings.

Daimonds first born son is turned 1 year, but as he celebrated his first year he is advised to “kupita nao ” just as as his father. A case of, like father like son.

He recently admitted not to care if he hurt his wife Zari by cheating, that it was bound to happen after siring his second son with Hamisa Mobetto, he doesn’t care of his wife whether she was hurt or her feelings.

But to advice his 1 year son to be a “small fisi” i find it crazy. Though the Chibus are known to be drama kings and queen especially on social media, it’s absurd.

This what diamond advised the little Dagote;