When you are still wondering about Hamisa Mobettos drama the Dashian Or Diamond is giving you hot juicy news every day. I think he just likes it when people are talking about him and his family.

Diamond and Vj Penny

After all he is a public figure and he needs controversy to grow. He Has Said He doesn’t care if he cheated on Zari but he can do what he thinks best bcoz it’s bound to happen.

The music heavy weight cam business manĀ  fame has grown like grass in music industry and also sweeping off all the ladies he meets on the way. Recently he released two songs “Sikomi and Niache” telling it all of his girlfriends and baby mamas.

Vj Penny

But one lady stood out Vj Vaany whom Diamond accused of aborting his child even after gifting her a car not to. And the lady was not amused. She said the story of aborting Diamonds Child spread like bush fire in Tanzania and she was glad he brought it up.