Diamond Platnumz father is one very quiet person since his son Diamond has been sidelining him in his life in general. Word has it that he doesn’t support him in any way since he abndoned them when he was still young.

But, with time he has stepped up and in few occassionshe to speak his mind. Especially when it comes to Hamisa Mobetto he has spoken fearlesly with open mind advising his son whom they don’t see eye to eye.

Recently he advised Diamond to marry both Hamisa Mobetto and Zari since both have bore him children and his religion allows him to marry several wives. He is giving wise advise as a fathe, but who is listening?

Mzee Abdul has asked his ex wife to stop taking sides with Zari and Hamisa’s beef. Sanura recently ganged up with Zari to attack Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond’s biological dad asks Sanura to be wise. He says Sanura ought to advise Zari and Mobetto because both ladies have children with their son.