Sanura Kasim, Diamond Platnumz mother is one defensive mother when it comes to her son. And he needs not worry, for he has got her mothers back on everything that worries him.

Though she surprises in the way Diamonds she competes with her daughter in law, Zari. First she demanded Tandale house which Diamond had built for Zari with golden encrusted locks, she  transformed into a young woman, thank God she doesn’t have  massive body. Then she got herself a younger man whom she says she will sire him a baby.

At 50? You may ask but she put it clear that Diamond and sister should embrace the fact that they will be getting a sibling sooner or later. No wonder she is being been called ‘shusho wa ben 10’.

But what has shocked many is her response to Kenyan woman who alleges her baby was sired by Diamond. Taking it that Diamond has been careless with his zip as much as we may doubt the kenyan baby mama.

But his mother to come to his defense is ironic. Who knows what happens with him in his escapeds? And for her to respond is not reasonable.