Recently, singer Akothee threw her 19-year-old daughter a massive birthday party at the Sankara Nairobi hotel.

The flamboyant musician bought her daughter a car as a birthday gift.

Akothee posted  it on Instagram and asked  her daughter to accept the small Toyota she had bought her.

She claimed that had she bought her a Range Rover instead, she would not work hard or pull her weight.

“Size yako kabisa (perfect size for you). If you dream of a Range Rover, then that has to be from your own sweat owada (my dear). Take this one for now, ka okidwa to iwe. Chukua, kama hutaki wacha okwabisecho (take it, but if you don’t want it, you can leave it, we will not beg).”

The car also doubled up as a reward for her B+ score KCSE exams.

Kenyan singer Akothee on Saturday did the extraordinary by shutting down part of Sankara hotel in Westlands and hosting an invite-only birthday party for her daughter.

Akothee’s first born daughter, Vesha Shailan Okello, turned 19 years old and her mother decided to go all out to impress her.

Before the party, Akothee had taken her daughter to South Africa for a shopping spree and posted pictures of the trip on social media.

Travelled to shop for my one & only Vesha , I bought SA for her ,well she scored a B+ which for me I only saw that B+ in Biology & not mean grade, a haaaa mummy changing your wardrobe for the wonderful job done as you join the university ,be that same girl ,for me I don’t care the kind of Grade you bring home but #discipline #manners #respect #self motivation matters to me much, life out here is not easy the good grades will come automatically when you are disciplined for you will do the right thing at the right time with the right people 👌 I love you mamaa #happybirthdayvesha,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

At the party, Akothee handed the young girl keys to her new car. The singer also gave her daughter a laptop.Akthee-I


Someone is getting ready for part 3 of her education, as you join university may wisdom be your friend , please don’t use this to open fake accounts to hate on successful people you can also do your thing your own way & make it in life , compete with the vesha yesterday not your neighbor for you don’t know the kinds of cards they are holding , #birthdaygirl,” she wrote.

The invite only party was dubbed ‘Officially 19’ and invited guests were advised to only dress in black and white.

I thank God for you my daughter. You have been an amazing girl and I really cherish you. Always know that mummy loves you to the moon and back. As Vesha turns 19 years old today, she will be holding her party at Sankara from 2pm, well am not invited but by force by fire I will gate crash , Dress code is black and white (Invites only). ‪#‎HappyBirthdayVesha‪#‎ProudMum,” wrote Akothee.