There are reasons to believe that the marriage between video director Jibril Blessing and his wife Chantelle, whose real name is Winnie Wambui Naisula, has hit the rocks!

For some time now, rumors have been doing rounds that the two are no longer together and that the “Tokelezea” hitmaker had moved out of Blessing’s house.

Other sources intimated that Chantelle was having an affair with a well-known comic as the two would often be seen in each others’ company at social events.

Mpasho can now confirm that Blessing and his wife have parted ways. Sources close to the couple claim the split might have been caused by the sudden demise of their son Kyle.

On Thursday, Chantelle was at Privee for Industry Night. She was in the company of Yvonne Darcq, Damaris, Kristoff, Gabu and a certain lad by the name Erskine Kiliru.

For those not in the know, the gentleman who was enjoying her company is said to be rich and often flaunts lavish lifestyle on social media. Reports also indicate that he’s married.

A screenshot of Erskine’s Instagram page

After settling down and ordering drinks, Erskine and Chantelle – who dabbles as an actress – were seen getting cosy at the corner of the club that is located in Westlands.

At some point, they locked lips briefly, this served as a  clear indication that she is back on the market after ending things with Blessing.

Erskine and Chantelle would stand up and dance regularly before returning to their seats to have drinks and whisper into each other’s ears. They left club together around 2 a.m.

Here’s the video:

When reached for comment, J. Blessing told this writer that he can’t comment on the story, adding that he’s not the kind of person who sits down to talk about other people’s affairs.

“I’m not involved in any way. Did you see me there? So, follow with the right people that you saw there. This is gossip and I’m not a kind of a gossip person who sits down to talk about other people,” he said.

Listen to the phone interview below.

Neither Chantelle nor Erskine picked up their phones when reached for comment. However, an unknown number sent a message to Chim asking him not to publish the story. Blah!

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