Kenya’s top DJ, DJ Crème De La Crème also known as George Njuguna, has come out clean after his sex video went viral on the internet on Monday.

The popular DJ admitted that he was wrong and had taken full responsibility of his indecent act. Crème said it had not been easy for him since the release of the sex tape and that he felt ashamed and was guilty as charged.

In his Facebook post, he expressed his deep apologies to his family, fans and friends for the harm caused by the indescent video.

The DJ acknowledged that he once lived a reckless life which had finally caught up with him.

“I am a man fallen from grace and I humbly accept this. In my imperfections I accept the fault,” Crème stated.

Crème, a husband and a father of two, sought for forgiveness from his wife, son and daughter assuring them that he would strive to be a better person.


“To my family, I truly I am sorry. To my son and daughter, daddy made mistakes in the past like any other human being, but he still strives to be a better person for you and mum,” the post read in part.

Crème added that all the attacks, ridicule and reprimand he got was well appreciated and taken to heart.

Here is the full post:

DJ Creme