One of the top gospel DJs in Kenya has left the country for good. The DJ made the announcement on social media that he has relocated to South Africa with his family.

Bad news for the Kenyan gospel industry.

DJ Krowbar

Fredrick Karumba Ngatia, better known as DJ Krowbar has relocated to South Africa for good.

The former Tukuza DJ made the sad announcement on social media leaving Kenyans with a heavy heart since he was one of the best DJs in the country.

“The next chapter of our life begins,” Said Krowbar on Instagram. “2017 is going to be amazing.”

The DJ, later on after arriving in South Africa, posted a video of an estate where he would be staying.

He has relocated with his family.

Graduating from Homeboyz DJ Academy as one of the hottest DJs, Krowbar landed the first gospel Sunday TV show on NTV, Crossover 101 after winning the Mfalme DJs competition.

Kenyan gospel industry loses former crossover 101 DJ
He has also DJ on Tukuza a gospel TV show on KTN.

Watch him on the video below: