DJ Mo has the number one gospel music mix and magazine show in the country. Atleast that’s how he feels.

And I love that he feels confident enough to not only feel that way but to assert his opinion albeit in the form of a meme. Actually, the only thing that caught me off-guard is that he actually had the stones to make his statement so public given how chummy Kenyan gospel guys are. There is almost an unwritten code about not saying anything that could possibly rock the boat.

But no more! The battle for supremacy is finally on. FINALLY!

Though to be honest I do believe that when this article goes up, some confounded message will be shared about how this is a misunderstood message but whatever the case may be, I aint trying to catch it.

And the timing is perfect cos his sole competition, Kubamba Krew has been shut down by Citizen TV.

This is what he posted: