People are still at loss how how seven artists including the driver, musician Kenene, Dj Nico and the band dancers lost their lives along Nakuru and Eldoret highway.

It has been tears of sorrow as one family narrated how they depended on their fallen son for everything in their family. A brother coming to terms with the loss of his brother who was still to usher him in the music industry.

But what is surprising is the message Dj Nicco left message on his Facebook before he embarked on his final journey, it’s making everyone wonder if he had already foreseen his demise.

Kericho finest DJ Nico En Embassy is thought to have had a premonition about his death. The mix master posted an eerie text on Facebook on December 3rd.

Will she stands with you when you are pronounced dead?

DJ Nico’s post on questions the loyalty of one’s girlfriend in the event of death. He concludes his post by saying ‘na nimeenda’ (I have gone).

DJ Nico En Embassy