A point has come when Kenyan women can proudly talk about their sponsors and flaunt them for everyone to see. If truly the sexy DJ Pierra Makena means what she said on Instagram, then there is no shame any more in having a sponsor.

Kenya’s hottest DJ Pierra Makena has showed off the man that spends dollars on her and possibly the one who gets to warm her bed.


DJ Pierra Makena

On Tuesday, Makena took to Instagram where she posted a photo of her and the ‘sponsor’ giving it a very interesting caption.

“Shopping with The sponsor!! Ricca be lucky!!”


DJ Pierra Makena is a fine woman

Makena has remained tight-lipped on the father of her daughter and her relationship status is also a subject for speculation.0fgjhs13rt5dpops1-33c71bf0

DJ Pierra Makena and the ‘sponsor’