I’m made to understand that some women take long to get back in their pre-pregnancy shape after delivery, for others its only a matter of weeks and viola!

Popular female turntablist Pierra Makena belongs in the latter category as she looks sexier than ever. Actually, one would hardly know that she bore a child just by looking at her.dj-pierra-makena-baby-bump-photos-1

The bootylicious DJ gave birth to a bouncing baby girl at Nairobi Hospital in July this year and has been adapting to the many changes that come with being a mother.

However, one thing that remained unchanged is her sexy body as she still has those juicy hips that drive men crazy. The pregnancy did not ruin her body, one might actually argue that she has better curves than she did before getting pregnant.

A few hours ago, Pierra shared a photo showing her hanging out with her daughter and the internet literally came to a standstill. I’m not kidding!

The photo shows her cuddling her baby on her balcony but we Team Mafisi could not fail to notice that sexy bum. I mean, how could we?

Check out the photo below.