Comedian Dj Shiti has not only been winning fans but he has also been growing his promising career. For a while now he has been entertaining his fans through the Real House Helps of Kawangare where he plays the role of the lead actor – after comedian Njugush left.

However during an interview with Pulse just recently, he was asked whether it was true that he was to leave the TV show as revealed by several tabloids a while back.

Well, he did not confirm nor deny but according to him – he was only supposed to appear on 5 episodes and after his contract ended the producers of the show convinced him to stay he said;

Well upon meeting Abel Mutua in 2014, who introduced me to Mr Waithaka Mukuria, the agreement we had was that I was to feature in strictly five episodes. But owing to great public demand Mr Waithaka was forced to recall me.

With his catchy and funny character I bet the show would have never gotten the same review as he played the important part now that Njugush was no longer working with ‘Real House helps of Kawangare.

Anyway it is good for his fans to know that he is not planning on leaving anytime soon, right?