The entertainment industry in Kenya is not as rosy as it seems. People think that when one becomes a celebrity, they automatically become filthy rich and start spinning high end cars, vacationing on cruise ships and so much more. However, the situation is very different.

In fact, big celebrities like Kanye West also rent cars, because living the celebrity life is so damn expensive. Locally, DJ Tabz seems to have embraced two career paths, one being a lawyer and the other an artiste. She is proud of the choices she has made. I spoke to her on why she made the decision, and she had something interesting to say.

I am passionate about both careers. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to and I have the potential and ability to do more than one career,” she said.

Good Morning to you? from the #LawyerDj

Opening up on if it has been an easy task, she said that “it’s been very challenging balancing the two. They both need a lot of my time and attention. But I take it one step at a time,” she added.

Responding to whether it was money problems that made her go for an additional career, Tabz said that that is not the reason.

No, it’s not. I love doing both. The financial gains are just an added advantage,” she said.

DJ Tabz AKA Tabitha Githere is an award winning Kenyan DJ, who won in the G10 Talent to watch Groove Award category back in 2015.