DNG Was a man under siege the other day when a number of ladies put him on the spot in social medias that he was begging for intimacy on social media.

It was shocking for a number of ladies to confess that he actually was getting into their dms. Dng who got divorced early last year surprised many to be exposed as someone so desperate for love.

Being so handsome, may be you would ask what he was lacking to solicite for intimacy online. Though he didn’t defend himself then, he has come out to prove that he wasn’t so desperate after all maybe those ladies who shamed him on social media.

The emcee has been in the coast with his bae and family. It is apparent that this girl is not the same he had immediately he broke up with his wife. Considering his jealous self, he did not tag the girl. Perhaps because of his recent mini scandal that saw him exposed by many Nairobi girls as a perpetual fisi.

Anyways, check out the pics, mtakufa na wifu.