Nairobi’s hype master DNG has decided to school political aspirants asking the common mwananchi to help them fund their political campaigns as we approach the general election.


From his statement, he seems pretty angry with the whole idea, even pointing out that they never remember the same people they called for the fundraiser when they get their salaries at the end of the month once elected.


Taking to social media, DNG wrote: “Watu wa siasa aka ‘ma-aspirants: Acheni kutuitia fundraising please. Whatsapp imejaa mainvite na maposter. Kwani tunakuwanga na nyinyi mkipewa mshande ya 850k? Na mnatugawianga mkisanya mkwanja? Nkt! Roho safi, kama hauna doh, sare jo… Achana nayo! Hii election ni ya pesa, la sivyo utembee door to door uconvince wazeiya.”

When called, DNG refused to comment on the issue.