Kenya’s number one hype man, DNG, is crazy and hot in love. Nope, its not the woman he was sighted cosying up to months after his high profile wedding to UAE flight attendant, Yvonne, crushed and burned days after they returned from their honeymoon.
It is with another bodacious lass who seems to have tucked him down for keeps. Taking to social media, where most people fir st go to make a relationship official before telling their significant other, DNG introduced his latest love to the world- and we are impressed.
Judging from his captions, it could be deduced that they are direct hits at both their exes. You do remember sometime back DNG had a penchant for indirectly dissing his ex-wife with one line snide phrases?
Well, seems love has finally found him and calmed his raging emotions…because when , ever, does a guy caption a photo as he has above?
We do hope this one if for keeps but no plans to run down the aisle any time soon lest another ‘Yvette’ situation comes up. Do you remember she packed her bags and left as soon as they returned from the honeymoon?