Not long ago the country was treated to a not so peculiar incident where a woman in Migori smashed her husband’s four wheeled “babe” after she caught him sampling another dish.

Well to begin with, having been on the ground, I am privy to a little more detail. Rumour has it that the scorned woman had not seen her husband in days, and that the man of the house had not been providing for his family.

The question is, did she know her husband was keeping another woman? Yes she did, only that she did not know where the two love birds were holed up until a friend tipped her off. I am sure you watched the rest of the story on TV.

Now, I have said it before, and I will drum it again for anyone who cares to lend an ear; you can never monopolise a man. I am not going to waste this precious space telling men not to keep MKW because they will keep them anyway. My bone of contention is these non-starters who leave their families suffering as they savour other delicacies.

Dear men, cheat if you must. In fact, keep a mistress besides your wife because if anything, it is healthy. However, if you are a man worth his balls, a male who bellows like a bull, and can comfortably be counted as a dume, you would never leave your legitimate wife to lack as you gallivant around with some random woman.

For humanity’s, decency, responsibility and common sense sake, no matter how much dented your marriage might be, provide for her. At least for the sake of the children; make sure she has proper shelter and the children have food. When she and the kids are properly fed, and if you cater for their upkeep, then I do not see why she will follow you to wherever you are doing your stuff and raise mayhem. Unless she is mad.

Women, if he provides everything, would you follow him to MWK’s place to cause drama? For what?! Then tie him to your bed post like a pet, oh yeah. I know I am being brutally honest, but it is fine, I am going tell you the truth anyway. Men are never monogamous, so at some point you have to let this reality sink and learn how to live with it. Some are decent enough not to show they are cheating; some are bold enough to marry the women they are cheating with as second or even third wives; some keep them as official mistresses but most just fornicate around right in your face.