Doreen is currently on leave hence missing her on our TV screens during the Swahili bulletin. From what we have learnt is that the Ebru TV news anchor is having a long vacation which started with a stopover in Mombasa, before heading to Zanzibar and then to Cape Town where she’s spending a 2 weeks’ vacation.

Doreen Gatwiri

Doreen Gatwiri in a private lounge at the airport

One photo from her vacation has however left many wondering whether she is expecting a child as she seems to be rocking a baby bump. If we go by rumors, she could be 4 months Pg if this is true then this will be her first child.
Away from that, last year Doreen flew to Zanzibar and Cuba during her annual leave but like most celebrities she chose to keep this on the low.

Doreen Gatwiri rocking her baby bump

Doreen Gatwiri now remains in the list of stunning female celebrities showing potential of growth in the media industry with a huge following on her social media pages.

Doreen Gatwiri on vacation

Doreen Gatwiri on vacation