Remember not too long ago when a lady by the name Layalace claimed she was having Drake’s baby? She even went so far to produce pregnancy test papers and screenshots of a conversation between her and Drake? Yeah well, we all got to know that she was only tryna pull a publicity stunt and that her claims were false.

However, just yesterday, another woman by the name  Sophie Brussaux who is apparently a retired porn star claims she is 3 and a half months pregnant with the rapper’s baby. The ex-adult actress is currently making headlines as she has text messages from Drake proving he’s the father of her unborn baby girl. She has also gone ahead to hire two high-powered lawyers in New York City for the paternity suit, according to TMZ.

Drake and Sophie

A picture obtained by TMZ shows Drake at a restaurant in Amsterdam with Sophie Brussaux on the 24th of January. Brussaux claims that the conception happened around the 20th of January. That’s not all, Brussaux has conversations between her and Drake discussing her pregnancy. In the messages, Drake told Brussaux to get an abortion. “I can’t kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry,” Brussaux replied. Drake infuriated, he answered, “Indulge me? F–k you.” He continued, “You do know what you’re doing you think you’re going to get money.”

All in all, this is what Drake’s rep had to say about the whole incident. “If it is, in fact, Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child. This woman, however, has a very questionable background. She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand she may have problems getting into the United States. She’s one of many women claiming he got them pregnant.”

Drake’s rep also pointed out that the text messages could have been falsified as they have not yet seen the actual texts between Drake and Brussaux. To add on to that, the rep says Brussaux had sex with another big rapper at the same time as Drake, adding the other rapper has all but acknowledged it’s his kid.

Now I know some of you may be thinking it is probably another publicity stunt for Brussaux which indeed it might. However, although Drake says the claims are highly unlikely, he is not exactly denying the claims either. This has in turn given room to the assumption that there might be some truth to the ex-porn star’s claims.