Not only is Diamond releasing new hits after hit, he is also entertaining fans with his own personal dramas.

Weeks after he confessed to have fathered his video vixen’s child that is Hamisa it now turns out things are getting sour after claims that Hamisa have sued him for failing to offer child support.

The tabloid goes on to reveal that Diamond Platnumz apparently has not sent Hamisa Mobetto the baby’s maintance fee for two months leaving her with no other option than to involve a judge in their private matter.

Hamisa files a case against Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa Mobetto has picked out some of the best Tanzanian lawyer namely: Abdullah Zulu and Walter who will represent her in court.  One of her lawyer Abdullah Zulu told Gazeti la Mwananchi that they have already sent Diamond Platnumz a copy of the court case seeking to find out whether he was going to pay the child support to avoid a court case – but he did not respond. In Swahili he said,

Baada ya kuona kimya tulipeleka kesi katika Mahakama ya Kisutu upande wa watoto (The Juvenile Court Of Dar es Salaam) na leo(Alhamisi) tumepewa barua ya wito na tayari mwanasheria wa mwanamuziki huyo ameipokea,

Their case  is scheduled to be heard on 30th October to find a solution to their issue.