There was a spectacle to behold in Wundanyi, Taita-Taveta County last Friday when a husband caught his wife with her lover in their matrimonial bed.

Thirty-year old Daltone Mwatela, a driver with a private firm, got a shock of his life when he caught his wife, a salonist, entertaining their former farmhand.

Talking to yours truly, the distraught man said he had gone to work early in the morning and suddenly returned home after a tip off from a neighbour and stumbled upon a naked man hiding in his bedroom.

“I had become suspicious of my wife’s conduct after I was told that the man who works at an M-Pesa shop in the town has been sleeping with her when I am away,” Mwatela said.

“When I arrived home I found the door locked from inside. And when I knocked it, my wife was hesitant to open, heightening my suspicion,” he added.

When she finally opened the door, albeit reluctantly, she looked very uneasy. “I went straight to the bedroom where I found the nervously shaking man hiding in the corner,” the father of two daughters, said.

Seething with rage, Mwatela set on the two with kicks and blows causing a commotion that attracted curious neighbours and police officers from the nearby Administration Police camp.

He said one of his daughters had already gone to school while the younger one was given a lollipop to keep her busy as the two went to bed.

This was not the first time the man and the driver’s wife had been involved romantically.

In a previous incident, the farmhand was reported to the local chief where he confessed to having an affair with the married woman, but apologised and asked for forgiveness.

The driver had relocated to Wundanyi to end the affair which had started in their village in Werugha, but it seems all was in vain.

“I pardoned him and I decided to move to Wundanyi so as to end the affair he had with my wife,” Mwatela said.

He also said that Administration Police officers arrested the man and took him to Wundanyi Police Station, but he was later released.

“I did not get the support I needed from the OCS who released the man, claiming lack of evidence,” Mwatela said.

Area OCS Isaac Ruto explained how difficult it is to pin down such a suspect, owing to the fact that there was mutual consent.

“If the man’s wife could have reported that she had been sexually violated by the man then I could have taken action against him. It seems that the driver’s wife and the man are lovers,” the police officer said.

“This case is complicated because the man was invited to the house by the driver’s wife. There is nothing that I can do about the case. I have advised the couples to amicably resolve the matter at home,” Mr Ruto added.

Meanwhile, Mwatela has declared that he had already divorced his wife for being unfaithful to him.

“It is risky to live with my unfaithful wife in this era of sexually transmitted infections,” Mwatela said.

“I have decided to divorce my wife. I am now a free man and will from now be operating from my parents’ home,” he added.