Haya ni mapepo! Days after a leaked video of Visita insulting fellow artists emerged online, he’s gone ahead and named Bahati and Jimmy Gait in his social media pages showing how legendary he is. Visita has revealed how he started out as a gospel artist in the industry when Jimmy Gait was allegedly playing pianos in kesha’s. He followed that by noting how Bahati was a nobody in the industry and he (Visita) was Bahati’s inspiration.

Visita went ahead to write how he was singing in the D.O.C group (Disciples Of Christ), a gospel group back in the day where Maximum Melodies was the name in the gospel industry. But where did the rain start beating him? In his message, Visita complains about doing all things Gospel but stayed hungry.

Recently, the Elewa Lewa song master was seen insulting fellow artists Kenrazy, DNA and Kidis who have worked together in the past when Visita was the Grandpa records producer, however, he says he did not regret recoding the video. Well, he must have had a tough time this season.

This is a sneak peak of what he said;

I started my music journey back in 2004, as gospel artist. Yes. Gospel.
I was in a group called D.O.C.(Disciples Of Christ), those daiz of Maximum Melodies. When Jimmy Gait was still playing piano at Jesus Night, Nairobi Cinema. Did few crusades, preached, the only problem was, we walked home hungry, slept hungry, woke up in the morning, the same routine. (Bahati once told me i inspired him)…I remember having a meeting with our pastor, begging him to help us record one song. He ignored…Go to church, clean the youth church, sing, intercede, church tea, snacks, then walk home hungry again…