Remember Pesh? She rose to fame after sharing her naked photos on social media. Her well endowed behind, that she laid bare for all to see, created quite a following for her.

Barely a month after sharing the photos online, the girl became the talk on the Kenyan websphere. Then came fame which she took to the Nairobi party scene.

The lass was a regular at all the big parties in Nairobi and was usually spotted in the company of Nigerian men and foreigners who had some loose change to spare.  A new socialte  – Pesh – was born.

A report by Tuko says that Pesh, in her many wanderings, Pesh met a Ghanaian drug lord who recruited her in the trade. The script was the same, money was good (obviously) and her task was easy.


Then came early this year and panic engulfed her family which tried in vain to trace her. It is said that her close friend was answering her phone calls but could not reveal where poor Pesh was.

The general conclusion was that something tragic had happened to her causing her disappearance, people don’t just vanish in the thin air, do they? And true to the speculation, something did actually happen – and it was not good. She was reportedly arrested at a Ghanaian airport with Cocaine. She was on her way to do her delivery in the United States.


Poor Tesh who sought shortcuts as a means to riches and fame, had been in remand ever since and an unconfirmed report indicates that she is currently serving a ten-year jail term after she was convicted by a Ghanaian court.