Bahati has been in denial that his wife Diana is pregnant with their second born, but we saw it since day one, when Diana flat tummy disappeared and she started dressing suggestively.

May be they thought it was their little secret, but nah!social media started speculating and Daina started taking back stage on social media until recently when she committed social suicide by closing her media accounts.

Yes we knew it was coming and every time the question was posed on them they would take you round and round with no conclusive answer. You know how sly Bahati is, You have to get full prove to pin him down.

We could see her taking pics facing backwards while other companions were facing the camera, some pics lying on the bed all in efforts to conceal her growing baby bump.

But the day has come when the truth can’t be hidden anymore but the world must know what is happening behind scenes.

Now it is confirmed and we have come to know when Diana is due. No wonder Bahati has putting all efforts on his music career to cater for his baby bills and expenses for the time is near.