The Tempo hitmaker signed under Grandpa records is the perfect example of rags to riches. He started from the bottom where he used to graze cattle yet he is now a big deal in the music industry.Dufla Diligion Has climbed the ladder to become a reknown musician.

Dulfa Diligon whose big breakthrough was his major club banger, Tempo has gone to another level. He is the first Kenyan musician to ever be nominated for a purely Ugandan award, ZINNA AWARDS.

When he released this song it was on everyone’s playlist and the heavy tune was highly requested in the clubs. He then went on to do a remix with one of Uganda’s goddesses of music, Cindy. Tempo remix hit the airwaves as soon as it was out. It did not only make it to the top of Kenyan charts but it also made it in Uganda.

Dulfa is now in Uganda where he will be performing during Cindy’s concert as he goes around doing his Ugandan tour for the next two weeks. When he got there he was received warmly with a bouquet of flowers. He got a lot of media attention where his coming was live on a media station from the airport where he was escorted by a convoy of cars to the hotel where he had lunch with Cindy.

After the big show, he has another gig in Maralal, Samburu upon his arrival for a home coming concert.