Life can be interesting sometimes and especially when it’s about the chibus or are they the Dangotes. Diamonds mother turned 50years the other day, But the mother at fifty is turning tables upside down on her daughters in-law.

This comes after she was done total body transformation. By the look of things she has gotten an admirer whom they attended their relatives wedding together.

Just like her son, she has been giving us hot usabasi that she is not out of the market yet, as she has a new catch with whom they are planning to have another baby.

The Dangotes are true East African Kardshians if we may say.We get new drama episodes every now and then when it seems like cooling down, it’s just starting. No wonder she has changed her mind concerning Zaris.

At first we could hear of all sorts of hatred from Diamonds mum and how she demanded the gold crusted house at Tandale which was built for Zaris. And what we see in the pictures she has gotten what she wanted the house, meanwhile Zari was bought another house in South Africa.

Now that they are sailing in the same boat with Zari having gotten married to much younger men, she claims Zari is her favourite daughter in law and that she needs more grand children from her.

Diamonds Step Father

Considering all the wealth Zari was left by husband who would want to walk away on her? Anyway that’s story for another day.

This is what she had to say about it;

“Nimeolewa mimi. Na huyo mume wangu hana udogo. Nasibu atapata mdogo hivi karibuni. Basi subirini Diamond atampata mdogo wake”

Diamonds Sister With Their Step Father At Their Cousins Wedding