Elani fans were looking forward to the much-publicized show, ‘The Easter Concert With Elani’, but later on learned that the concert had been cancelled. Not much was known as to why it was cancelled abruptly.


iScan Media has finally cleared the air, saying: “The reason behind the cancellation of the event was a delay from one of our investors in releasing the funds agreed upon in a timely manner, which led us to be time-bad for the elaborate setup we had planned for the event.”

They said they are pursuing legal action against the investor for breach of contract. “Rather than put on a mediocre show with last-minute stop-gap measures, it was decided that cancellation of the event would be the best way forward at the time to prevent further more damaging backlash from a poorly presented show not worth the ticket price, which would have portrayed the musicians, brands and whole entertainment industry involved in bad light.”


They added that indeed it was not the way to go but they had to do it as they wanted to deliver an excellent concert.

We accept it was not an ideal solution for all but we made it and stick by it. We have learned valuable lessons from this, which will make us even better at what we do, and humbly ask for forgiveness from those we have wronged. Our aim was to deliver an excellent Easter show that was worth every cent spent by attendees and that would give a good return on investment for all on the back end.”

They said this is in line with their broader mission to encourage corporate-creative brand partnerships as a viable investment prospect that can greatly benefit the parties involved.


Despite our setback we have not given up on the idea and have learnt our lessons from this event and hope to come back bigger and better. We kindly request the local music concert fans, prospective corporate and media partners out there to continue giving even more support to the local music industry and not get deterred by this minor setback.”

They also made it clear that the cancellation had nothing to do with Elani, and even went ahead to apologise to the band, other musicians and fans for any inconvenience caused.