There seems to be no end in sight in the Diamond and his baby Momma drama. In the latest twist of “Diamond’s baby momma club” the “Hallelujah” hit maker seems to have forced a response out of his baby mother Hamissa Mobetto after he churned out two ballads in one day which were believed to be directed at theTanzaian model.
The two songs – Niache and Sikomi – are effortlessly easy on the ear but the words to the
song left along for fans to ponder.

It seems the lyrics hit Hamissa Mobetto the hardest and the model was not going to waste any time sharing her sentiments on the songs.
Through snapchats posts seen, Mobetto quotes part of the lyrics to the song in what looked like a concealed message to Diamond. She did not stop there, she followed the post with another one which in many ways maniftested how weary she was of the whole drama.