After going underground for quite some time, gospel artist Ekko Dydda re-appeared with a bang after releasing his hit song ‘Vidole’ After his comeback the rapper thanked God for walking away as the male artist of the year 2017 during the 2017 Groove Awards.
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Eko Dydda, a father of two and husband of one, introduced his two sons to the music industry and are already winning hearts through their music. Back in May 2017, Eko also introduced his two sons who are 5 years and 2 years respectively into the world of gospel music.
The far we have come, we have always depended on GOD alone. He has provided all AND beyond what we ever expected through people from different tribes and races. That’s why we don’t believe in this “mtu wetu” theory . Mtu wetu is a way to minimize our potential of experiencing GOD’S awesomeness through other people. The same way we don’t see the boundary lines on the map in real life is the same way the tribal lines are just but imaginary lines within our minds. Go beyond them and explore GOD’S awesomeness ladies and ghettomen!!! #TribeAllGeneration #ApanatambuaUkabila #JESUSculture #loveCulture all over Photo by Jose Thome photography
Following in their father’s footsteps Eko Dydda’s sons, Keep It Real and Am Blessed released a new gospel tune which is currently ruling the airwaves. The two upcoming young gospel talents are not only super-talented but also cute, with a pinch of a Rastafarian touch just like their dad.
After keeping his wife away from the preying eyes of team mafisi, the musician finally introduced the mother to their sons and boy is she hot. He gushed over her on a social media post that has attracted a lot of his fans attraction. The musician also included the fact that God’s love is what has brought them this far in the post.