After causing a fracas with their stunning pictures a few months ago Elani have now done it again.
This time the group made up of Maureen Kunga, Wambui Ngugi and Brian Chweya,  caused a stir on social media with the grand announcement of the Valentine Weekend dinner.
Just a few months ago, male fans of the group photo-shopped themselves into the now famous band portrait where they were all dressed in blue.  The images were an instant internet sensation, with retweets and reposts.
The dinner “Dubbed Dine with the Star” will take place tonight at the After 40 Hotel situated on Biashara street.
Maureen told Kiss FM website, “We are all very similar so we look for the same things in an ideal date. We look for someone funny, interesting, who isn’t afraid to laugh out loud and has no problem with sharing their food.”
She continued, “We are always up for a good time. Jokes and laughter are the order of the day for us.”
After enjoying dinner and a lovely view of the city at the Willow Restaurant, situated at the 10th floor of the hotel, fans will get to take a real selfie with the group at a special photo booth.
The pop band enjoys a near cultic following on social media, with female fans drooling over Brian while male fans are equally split between Wambui and Maureen.
The group is also expected to stay at the hotel for a day or two and enjoy some CBD delights.