Tanzanian actress Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael has been found guilty for the death of fellow actor Steve Kanumba. Word making rounds on social media is that she has been sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Dar es Salaam High Court found the actress guilty of manslaughter. However not many think that she deserves the sentence as no one knows what took place in the room where Kanumba met his death.


Actress Lulu Michael with mum in Court (Photo courtesy)

Kanumba’s younger brother Seth Bosco however told the court that Lulu and her late brother had been quarreling before she came out of his room crying that the actor had hit his head on his bed.

Kanumba’s death

It still remains a mystery as to how the actor fell hitting his head hard on his bed. However, his family has been insisting on Justice which seems to have been served earlier today.

Lulu’s family

After the judge gave her verdict Lulu ‘s mother is said to have passed out from crying. The photos making rounds on social media show the lady being held by friends as they support her to get on her feet.
The actresses lawyer has however vowed to fight for her hoping that the sentence will be reduced.

Lulu Michael's mum

Lulu Michael’s mum (Photo courtesy)

Lulu Michael's mum (Photo courtesy)

Elizabeth Michael’s mum (Photo courtesy)