Popular K24 news anchor Eric Njoka has finally come out to address the allegations that he’s a homosexual. This follows some rather explosive exclusive story done by Janet Chao that had photos and screenshots of alleged conversations that took place on Grindr (a popular homosexual social media site).

Ostensibly replying to the allegations, Eric Njoka, responded to say… Screen-Shot-2016-07-05-at-6.36.06-AM

T his is the story that made things get shaky and smokey at K24 media House. Apparently someone has decided to open a can of very huge worms on one Erick Njoka.

Erick Njoka is one of K24 ‘s best talents and prime time news anchor.

He is alleged to have been soliciting for s3x online from a g*y social media platform. The conversation between Erick Njoka and an unknown guy have leaked online.

This social media is one hell of an invention. One wonders, doesn’t this Erick Njoka guy has a girlfriend? I think he does and it only raises questions now,could Erick Njoka be living a lie or a double life? I will leave that for you to think it over.

This allegedly happened via Grindr.

Grindr is a geosocial networking application (or app) created by geared towards gay and bisexual men, designed to help such men meet other men in their area for sexual encounters, dating, or friendship. An interview by the Independent with the founder of the App dated Wednesday 9 July 2014 states:

“Grindr shows you, using GPS technology down to the nearest few feet, the men in your vicinity looking to meet other men. Probably not to exchange recipes. Thus, in 2009, human civilization evolved to a point where one could immediately find the nearest gay, bi or greedy man looking for s3x’.___wikipedia