Comedian Eric Omondi and his fiancée Chantal Juliet Grazioli are one of the most admired couples in Kenya. Most girls would definitely love their men more if they treated them how he treats her – like a queen.12445868_1742036529365055_1821127282_n



Just recently, the funny man gifted his beau with a sleek Mercedes Benz and left his fans green with envy. This reaffirmed their belief that the couple is the embodiment of loyalty, love and what not.

But apparently, all is not as rosy as it seems or rather as we have all been made to believe. There is trouble in paradise ladies and gentlemen!

The couple was seen engaging in a heated exchange in a video sent to SDE while hanging out at a popular establishment.


Chanty as she is popularly known was heard demanding an explanation why her man was sending airtime to a certain ladies.

“Why are you sending her airtime, and she is not the only one see, there are transactions of 200, 500,” she is heard saying.

Like any man would, Omondi is heard vehemently denying knowledge of such transactions before she douses him with a glass of water.

Here is the video but I should warn you that it looks like nothing more than a well-scripted play.