eric-omondi2-696x696Details have emerged over the authenticity of the viral Eric Omondi’s video which surfaced online on Monday. In the video, the comedian is filmed engrossed in a nasty argument with his Italian fiancée,

Chantal Grazioli.

However, doubts have been cast over the truthfulness of the clip, with some people arguing that the video could have been stage-managed for mere publicity.

Now, Eric has been quoted saying that the video was authentic but the particular incident happened almost over a year ago.

He says that after the ‘fight’ the two reconciled and that everything is okay between them.

“It was a misunderstanding that we had a very long time ago and I wonder why the person who had the video waited till now to show the video, given the fact that it happened in February,” he said.

eric-omondi-594x483Eric Omondi adds that the woman he was being questioned of sending airtime to was his “cousin”. We don’t know whether that’s the truth regarding that piece of new information. Hehee…


The couple, who have dated for just over two years now, were expected to tie the knot by the end of this year, but there has been silence about that topic for a while now.