Eric Omondi is among the big names in East Africa however he seems to be doing better in Kenya and Tanzania. He is months the top comedians respect and loved in Tanzania and he owes it all to Diamond Platnumz who paved him a way to penetrate into the Tanzanian laugh industry.

Speaking to Larry Madowo on the #Trend Eric Omindi talked about a couple of things including how he managed to get popular in Tanzania.

The comedian says that after doing a parody of Nasema nawe (nabeba made) done by Diamond Platnumz, he became quite known by Tanzanians and thanks to social media the singer was able to notice him. So after they met in coast about 3 years ago…Diamond Platnumz approached him asking him whether he would MC Zari’s all white party that attracted around 10,000 people.

He managed to impress the crowd who instantly loved him and since then he was able to host a couple of shows that made him famous. Well, he now says he will soon be launching a comedy show in Tanzania.

Anyway checkout the whole interview below: