A video of Eric Omondi and his Italian fiancee fighting went viral last weekend. Eric Omondi finally spoke days after its release, talked about its authenticity and the accusations leveled against him.

Kenya’s prince of comedy, Eric Omondi, has finally spoken after a video of him and his fiancee, Chantal Grazioli fighting went viral online.


Eric Omondi with his fiancee Chantal Grazioli

In the video which people believes to be stage managed to date, Chantal is busy accusing Eric of being unfaithful.

She can be seen angrily demanding to know why he’s been sending large amounts of airtime to a certain woman.


Eric, not making things easier, angrily replies to her in a loud tone thus fueling her anger.

In a huff, she picks a glass of juice, pours it on him, throws it at him, sending it crashing on the chair and floor.

Since the video went viral over the past weekend, Omondi has finally come out to explain the sequence of events and if the video was stage managed.

“The fight happened nine months ago. It was a misunderstanding that we had a very ling time ago and I wonder why he person who had the video waited till now to release it given the fact that it happened in February 2016,” said Omondi as quoted in Nairobi News.

He also explained that the woman Chantal accused him of cheating on her with is his cousin.

The two have since reconciled and have paraded their love for each other in quite a number of social media posts that have included pictures of them in bed, on horses, semi nude and so forth.0fgjhs5kchc23f89n-164abbeb

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They are set to have a much hyped later this year. They have been together for about two years now.