Every woman wants a romantic man and a person who can assure her that their future is secure. Well, Eric Omondi is among those men most ladies want to date.

He knows how to treat his woman and so far we have seen him gift her with a coupe of things that has left many jealous and wanting to be in Chantal’s shoes.

Well, below are some of the things that Eric Omondi has done for his girfriend/fiance making it hard for her to think of leaving:

His romantic proposal.

Eric Omondi’s proposal

Took her to New York to shop

Shopping day ✌

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On Valentines day he suprised her with an inbuilt walk in closet in their apartment.

Nailed it🙌🙌🙌 It took us 3 weeks…We had to lie to her that the door was broken…We built the beauty room (for her) every time she stepped out…😍🙈🙈

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She gets to hangout with the famous in the industry


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They make money together!

He features her in his projects

He features her in his projects

They are among the most talked about couple in East Africa.
Eric Omondi with girlfriend

He has a nice body…wait…I meant he is very confident.