Eunice Njeri takes online to explain why she’s still struggling despite making millions through her music

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri is happy to be a talented singer but sad it doesn’t really pay in Kenya.

The “Unatosha” singer took to social media to explain how she’s lives a hand-to mouth lifestyle even though she made millions through her music.

eunice-njeri Eunice Njeri

Read the long post she shared.

“My name is Eunice Njeri. Am a Gospel musician and I Love Jesus,

“Maybe you might remember me from the close to 30 Million Kenya Shillings you make every month from my music…or almost half a billion Kenya Shillings you have made the last one year, not so big in your eyes but enormous to mine.

Eunice Njeri living hand-to-mouth despite making millions for Safaricom

The 15 percent you gave to liberty Africa has been generously distributed to themselves and nothing reached me. Today I struggle with not much to live on but a few shillings I get every now and then…. I tried my best to do what God called me to do but you made the money.


Bound with contracts I may never get anything from you….big as you are who can touch you? I can’t. Hopefully you read this and God touches you to remember the singer…that would be me….. Eunice Njeri Mathenge.

0fgjhs5ab8l0ake3f-a3abf705Eunice Njeri and Izo Raps

Njeri recently got engaged to her fiance Izzo Raps who is also a gospel singer.