Friday is always ushered in with a lot of excitement. Especially from the millennials who have been branded “party monsters”. Everyone is busy during the day chatting with their to be date for the night. So what’s going on in their head??? Especially for the ladies. There’s always just one question……What am I gonna put on tonight?

So, first things first.Nobody would like to go out on a Friday night without earlier on planning what they are going to wear. It is always a hustle and most people would shelve the idea of looking super awesome.So, we do not want lazy mode on during Fridays hence, lets get things straight!!!!

Be Simple!!!!

Class doesn’t equal exaggeration!!Let’s get that into our heads. Society has labeled class as showing too much skin and dressing skimpily..Off course the men love this but decent is class. Endowing yourself with too much make up or jewellery is not good at all.That’s a cliche for some cheap looks. Get yourself simple classy jewellery and do some simple make up. No person dictates that we need to have gold colored jewellery all over us. Flashy bright lipstick with enormous hand and neck chains…NO!NO!

Simple looks make you self aware. You are able to walk head high with confidence and public surety that you know what you are doing. People will want to associate with you because you attract necessary kind of attention from the way you look.Not too much stuff clamped all over your body in the name of Looking good. In fact, if you are looking for a random date, this is a way to get you there.(Just kidding)


Everybody assumes that you need to be a YouTube pro to hack these make up stunts.But let’s put that on hold. Having well done make up is everybody’s thing..anyone can do it.What you have to do is learn how to be you though your make up.


Mary Kay Cosmetics

If you are doing a bright lipstick, tone it down with some nude colored dress of pants. If you are doing a bright eye-shadow shade …get some nice dramatic lipstick. Not oil based lipstick but matte will actually bring out the sensual look you want.

Get your eyebrows well done. Threading works well since its better than tweezing. A long lasting solution would be microblading.This could last you up to one year.Use a brown eye pencil if you are dark skinned and a black one if you are light. Powder is less bulky on the face so go for this other than the foundation.Get to do a skin test so that you can identify what kind of powder works well for you and what doesn’t…Avoid cheap powder. Makes people look like 18th century clowns.

Get a nice outfit going

By nice, we don’t mean short ratchet like outfits that make you pull them down all the time. Get good looking outfits that are presentable. For instance, if you are doing a dress, get a body hugging above the knee dress.If you are doing pants, don’t do the lose ones. Try blending in colors well. Mix bright with nude or corresponding bright colors together.

A simple friday night outfit

For the shoes, you need to be comfortable on the dance floor. If you are not a heel guru, do smart ballerina shoes. If you are a heights guru, go ahead and rock the night in your heels.Don’t try a six inch if you cannot hack it…Again!Just be you. It costs you your image when you try to be the lady across.Carry along with you a small clutch that can accommodate your cash and lip gloss as well. Avoid these big handbags that make you look like you have an agenda going around.

One last thing…Don’t try too hard!!!!!