A series of photos and videos posted by Vicmass Luodollar’s girlfriend Lucy Manga, has left many wondering whether she’s really pregnant.

The singer who rose to fame after realising “Bank Otuch” with Kibera-bred rapper Octopizzo broke the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy in January this year.

Vicmass said that he felt like “he is the first man on earth to impregnate a beautiful woman for the first time.” He also posted a pregnancy test to back his claims.

Here’s the photo:


However, we’ve not heard much about their baby since then. Some fans are now beginning to think that the couple might have fooled them and that it was just a PR stunt.

A few days ago, Lucy posted a video on Facebook that showed her dancing with Vicmass. However, what caught the attention of many was that her stomach was very flat.

But then again, maybe its just an old video. Check it out below.