Pilipili is among the biggest names who headlines back in the early 2000’s with hits like Ukimwona, Mpaka chee, Morale among others.

However, one day we all woke up and the singer was no longer singing. He disappeared like Nyashinski did but seems that he has a good explanation as to why he took a break.

Pilipili's daughter

Pilipili’s daughter

He is now a family man and having settled he wouldn’t want to produce music that would damage his image as a husband and a dad. For this reason he took a break to gather his thoughts and idea in order to come back with a new style that would be suitable for everyone.

Speaking to pulse, the singer had this to say…

My music is a very important part of me and I just cant give it up. It’s only that I felt I couldnt go on making the the kind of music I used to, since many aspects of my life had changed. I am now a family man among other and i felt that I need to reinvent myself as a musician to suit the changes.

Apart from all this he has been helping out new artistes to establish their music in the industry. However, he also plans to make a major comeback pretty much soon when he gets enough money for a high quality music video and audio too.