They say when people hate you, they do so for three reasons; They see you as a threat, they want to be you and lastly they hate themselves.

Zari has been a victim of this for years now. Ever since she got married to the Tanzanian sensational singer Diamond Platnumz, many have been bashing her left right and center. But why?

It seems many haven’t accepted the fact that the Ugandan socialite is the wife to Diamond and the mother of his 2 kids; Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

Zari’s name has become chewing gum in the mouths of many especially women who seem to be jealous of her. From branding her names such as “wh*re” and “old granny” to creating fake stories about her past, people will say anything just to get Zari trending for all the wrong reasons.

But being the strong woman she is, Zari has not let this interfere with her life. She pays no attention to the haters.

Just recently, the mother of 5 took to social media to offer sisterly advice to her followers urging them to work hard, love one another (especially women) and to mind their business.

“Out here wondering if some people had hobbies or jobs or lives before I started dating your home boy. It’s very sad that a person will waste their entire time, energy, to mention a few, thoughts plotting the next post or abuse or whatever it is that you are doing about ME. Why can’t you use all this time to focus on you, your life your family how to better yourselves. There is so much money for all of us to make but all you do is wake up thinking about Zari, go to bed stressing about Zari. Honestly, 5 years from now will it be worth it. God has given you purpose on this earth, what is that purpose. Is that purpose me, Surely not coz you existed before I came into baes‘ life. What will you answer God if he asked what you surely did with your life? Hey honey bunch, time to redirect your life, time to sit your hating ass down and weigh your options once more. Is hating this woman right here making you a better person, it is adding to your life? Think baby think. Look at life 5 years from now. Will it all be worth it? Redirect your energy to something positive 5yrs from now, that positive energy will have paid off. Just my sisterly advice… I spread Love babe and that’s why am too blessed. Try it, try spreading some love see how that turns out. Have a blessed paper chasing and productive week. Remember to call on God as you face this week.????”

But this did not go down well with some of her followers. They came out lashing at her. They didn’t mince their words, some even referred to her as a prostitute claiming that she is jobless. How? Zari owns a chain of businesses both in South Africa and back in Uganda. She has also landed major lucrative deals with top corporates and she is currently a brand ambassador for a top Tanzanian mobile network with her husband. But why? Here are some of the comments.

But why the hatred? It’s 2017 and people should change! Below are some of the of the comments.