Rapper Khaligraph Jones is currently the king of publicity stunts, something that many artistes are trying to outdo each other.

Jones is about to drop a song that he first gave his fans a sneak peek of…I assure you, the Mazishi singer did not like it…at all.

He posted a video of himself, appearing to ‘resurrect’ then getting out of a white casket, dressed in all white. He shocks ‘mourners’ once he opens his eyes.

This video has elicited mixed reactions from many, as fans have gone ahead to troll this rapper for what they term as ‘bizarre creativity.’

Here is the video:

Check out fans’ reactions:

“munyex kamos said I know u sang God is gonna open doors bur on dis 1 he shall shut dat casket on yah ass🤖… Stick to ur lane ni*ga .. Wacha kubebwa na hype kaa uber nkt…. I really liked u bur umedilute

khali_muggz: I have resepk for this oG, but this sh*ts so dumb… Ni*ga just graduated from the only OG to the dumbest ni**er alive… Sh*t aint cool… Its a naaaah!…. You’re loosing it OG

khaligraph_jones responded @khali_muggz after the project drops, you will come back to this post and realiZe that you made the dumbest comment alive,

ogenia_nawire: Ni*ga you messed up 🙅🤦‍♀️

maries laxx: Jeez when creativity ain’t your thing😱😱😱

shiku kushyI: respect u but in this,u have acted stupidly. God forbid

quincy natasha: Am having nightmares already 😕 attending funeral kwa instagram”